About Us

Pivot's core mission is to help organizations unlock value in their business data. We bring together a strong and comprehensive set of people, process and technology capabilities to transform latent data assets into real-time insights and decisions by applying innovative and proven data science methods and models that will return high value to client businesses.

Pivot's founders are well recognized industry thought leaders in market research, data science, and management consulting with direct experience as senior business leaders in top global corporations - designing and deploying data based solutions to drive successful business outcomes.

We have more than 25 man years of cumulative experience designing and conducting market research for major global corporations in the B2C and B2B world. We also help clients develop advanced business strategies by leveraging their market research data with industry best practices.

Pivot uses a combination of market research, social analysis, and performance measurements to perform benchmark analysis for our clients - to improve business performance and gain an edge in the market place.

Pivot works with organizations in leveraging advance analytics strategy and framework to enable:

  • Use of data as a core asset to enhance operations, customer service, marketing and strategy
  • More effective use of data for faster results
  • Support for analytics by senior managers who embrace new ideas and are willing to shift power and resources to those who make data-driven decisions

In the process, organizations can transform a silo business reporting system and static graphic analysis capabilities to predictive systems using dynamic dashboards. This is a key business capability differentiator to becoming a high performing organization through faster and real-time decisions.